Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation

What is a Virtual Consultation?


A virtual consultation is a remote video consultation that takes between a patient and a clinician. This kind of consultation is increasingly being introduced in certain settings in addition to telephone consultations or face-to-face consultations.


Why consider a Virtual Consultation?


Whether you make a virtual or face to face appointment with us, you will receive expert care from the start.  A telephone or video appointment gives you the convenience and same fast access to our experts without the need to leave your home.

Booking a Virtual Consultation


Once you have accessed our Virtual Check application, you can fill in your details regarding which type of dental treatment you are considering. This will then be reviewed by one of our dental clinicians and contact will be made to book either a virtual consultation via video or telephone.
If for any reason we feel that a virtual consultation would not be appropriate for your concerns, we will contact you to discuss this further and what other options are available.

Virtual Consultations are FREE OF CHARGE


How It Works

Fill in the form below and upload your photos – show us your smile!


Send them to be analysed by AI then verified by our Dentists and Specialists


Get your personalised cosmetic treatment report sent directly to your inbox


Within minutes you will be emailed a full report of your oral health and cosmetic dental treatment options.


Please do not use this service for urgent dental care or if you are in dental pain. If you are in dental pain, please contact the practice

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How to take good photos?

Watch the video to help you take good photos


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