Digital Dentistry

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Digital Dentistry

What is Digital Dentistry?


Digital Dentistry refers to the use of dental technologies or devices to carry out dental procedures rather than using mechanical or electrical tools.  The use of digital dentistry can make carrying out dental procedures more efficient than using mechanical tools both for restorative and diagnostic purposes.
At City Quay Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, we will always aim to ensure that our patients have access to world class standards of care and the latest developments in dental research including access to the latest dental technology has to offer.
The practice consists of various types of equipment which allows the practice to be able to offer patients the use of digital dentistry than using the standard dental tools required for diagnostic purposes.

  • CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) Scanner
  • Intraoral Scanner
  • 3D Printer

Benefits of Digital Dentistry


From digital x-rays to computer aided design and manufacturing restorations, digital dentistry uses technology to improve the quality, comfort and time of your restorations.

  • Greater Precision: Laser technology allows us to create an image of your tooth to reconstruct with unprecedented accuracy and speed.
  • Better Aesthetics: Digital design allows for a more natural contour and color that match your other teeth for a more beautiful and natural appearance.
  • Improvement of Quality: Using the most advanced metal-free materials, digital precision and natural design, restorations will match existing teeth to provide a natural bite and smile.

  • Comfort: Those large gooey impression trays are history as we can now offer patients the use of the Intraoral Scanner which provides a much more comfortable and accurate process.