Shape and Polish to match

Cosmetic Ceramics

Cosmetic Crowns


These are a popular form of treatment for broken or damaged teeth.  Commonly known as ‘caps’, they are a type of replacement tooth which fits over a damaged tooth and presents a uniform appearance.  They improve the appearance of the damaged tooth which ensures that it fits in with the rest of your teeth.
It is difficult to tell if someone is wearing a crown

Advantages of Cosmetic Crowns


  • Repairs a damaged or broken tooth
  • Hides the results of Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)
  • Strengthens the tooth after Root Canal Treatment

  • Prevents further spread of decay in a weakened tooth
  • Repairs a tooth which is severely damaged for a direct composite bonding
  • A crown is an important part of the dental Implant procedure in which it is joined to the implant via a device known as an ‘Abutment’

All Crowns and Veneers cost from £417.35

Cosmetic Veneers


Veneers are thine shell like coverings which resembles the shape of a natural tooth, each made uniquely by our dental lab to provide a perfect fit over the front surface of the tooth.
Veneers are worn by many people in order to improve the appearance of their teeth.  They are an ideal way of hiding less than perfect teeth which have become chipped, crooked, or misshapen.  They are a good choice if you have teeth which have become stained or discoloured over the years and want a nice white smile.

Advantages of Cosmetic Veneers


  • Natural Looking
  • Less Likely to become stained or discoloured
  • Maintains the natural structure of the tooth

  • Hides teeth which have become worn down
  • Covers a cracked tooth
  • Straightens crooked teeth without the need of a brace (Invisalign treatment would be better if you are considering this option though)